Didn’t you miss them on our website? Well, we certainly did, hahaha. We made a few minor adjustments to our website and TADAAA, we have a new section named: Shop The Look.

What is this all about? Well, in the section ‘Shop The Look’ you can see what styles we have in store. As you might know, we are a multi brand boutique store. In most cases the mannequins show a single brand set, but our brands have an amazing synergy among each other, so often we can very easily mix brands to provide you with even more options to choose from. Please remember, in most cases we only have a single item per size. Sometimes this creates a problem, but it also ensures you that you buy a fairly unique piece.
If you are looking for something in particular, something special and you haven’t found it yet… Send us a message, let us know what it is that you can’t find. We will help looking for it.

Enjoy the pictures in the ‘Shop the Look’ section (click here).